Music 4 Miracles was first created in 2009 when we came face to face with the story of a child battling cancer. An acquaintance at the time shared how her 9-year-old grandson was just diagnosed with cancer. Seeing the tears in her eyes and feeling the need to reach out and help in any way possible, our first song “Already an Angel”, was written to give as an inspirational gift to her grandson for his upcoming birthday. 

We arranged for the musicians and singer to record the song and the day of the recording we invited 9-year-old CJ George and his entire family to the studio to listen to the making of his song. After meeting him and his family it was as if we had known them our whole life. We immediately asked his mother if she would allow us to organize a benefit concert in his honor. We really had only planned to do the one concert but God had further plans. When we learned that over 46 children per day are diagnosed with childhood cancer the more we wanted to help as many as possible. We wrapped the gold ribbon around our hearts, Music 4 Miracles was born and the mission began!

In the past, every year we hosted a Music 4 Miracles Annual Benefit Concert along with other community events. The funds we raised were able to help families that were struggling financially during this difficult time. As a way to help and inspire the children while they battled the life threatening disease, we developed our music program, “Harmony Hope.” Each child enrolled in the program received a music lesson every week in the privacy of their home on an instrument of their choice.

We are pleased to share that CJ George learned to play guitar through our HH program and won his battle with Lymphoma. Today, he remains cancer free and helps to support the mission of his very own charity, Children Battling Cancer.