Music and horses can help heal
the hearts of those in need.


Learning to play an instrument is
educational and therapeutic.


Horses can help children who have
suffered abuse, trauma and neglect.

Equine Assisted Therapy for
Children in Need

HH Stables is a 501 c (3) non-profit charitable organization. Our mission is to bring harmony, hope, and healing into the lives of youth in need and provide them a therapeutic and educational experience from which they can learn and grow.

We combine music activities and equine-assisted learning in a therapeutic environment to give children a safe place to explore their emotions, cope with anxieties, and simply be themselves. Our programs are especially helpful for kids with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety, history of abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

Our music and equine therapy programs help us achieve our mission. With your support we can provide for another child on our waiting list.
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Goats n’ Giggles


For a limited time we are now open to the public for goat cuddling & goat nature walks!
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Make a difference and become a

mentor to a child in need.


Estimated number of children being abused globally

every 10 seconds a new case is reported

Children per day die as a result of abuse

children per month are removed from their homes in Martin & surrounding counties due to abuse & neglect.



The power of music and horses combined!


Sponsor a child, mentor a child, or volunteer talent!


Why Horses

Horses are prey animals and have a herd mentality. The herd leader is the strongest member, known as the alpha. Horses are highly sensitive to the emotions of the person handling them. They are our mirrors; equines can perceive our feelings and thoughts and reflect them immediately in their body language.

If you want to build a trusting relationship with a horse, he will need to feel safe and you will need to learn how to communicate in his nonverbal world. This requires you to become present in the moment, find patience and develop a strong sense of self awareness. Once you acquire the skills needed to reach this goal, the horse will follow you just like he follows the alpha in his herd and you will gain valuable life skills to carry with you forever.

There are countless skills you can gain when partnering with a horse such as:


Why Music

Since the earliest days of humankind, the power of music has been evident to us. From its ceremonial origin to modern medical usage for personal motivation, concentration, and shifting mood, music is a powerful balm for the human soul. Music has been scientifically studied for centuries and has proven to be both educational and therapeutic. At Harmony Hope Stables we offer guitar and ukulele music lessons, host music therapy groups, drum circles, songwriting sessions, music concerts and we even incorporate music into our equine assisted learning sessions every chance we get!





By The Heart Math Institute



As a parent of a child with a disability—sometimes, we feel hopeless, helpless, and at a loss for words; therefore, we must remain grounded in our faith, hold on to hope, and above all else love unconditionally. It’s also important for us to find creative ways to help our children grow, learn, and develop—finding Harmony Hope Stables has been such a blessing to my family and an answer to my prayers. Read more…

Pamela is an 11-year-old female residing at Hibiscus Children’s Center’s residential shelter. Pamela was removed from her parents’ care when she was 7 years old due to exposure to substance misuse, domestic violence, and being a victim of abuse (emotional, physical abuse, neglect, and alleged sexual abuse). Pamela was in several foster homes and group homes before being placed at HCC’s Tilton Family Children’s Shelter. Read more…

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Our Accreditations & Partners



The first time I met Kristi I knew she was someone special. From the start, she and my son Anthony formed a bond, and it was clear how comfortable he was with her.  Kristi is incredibly understanding and accepting of Anthony’s disability and unique needs.  She recognizes his potential for learning and gives him encouragement to achieve his goals. Kristi takes the time to teach him new tasks step-by-step and exhibits tremendous patience with him.  He always looks forward to his lessons and to working with her and the horses.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunities Kristi and Harmony and Horses have given to Anthony to broaden his horizons.

Susan Sabatino

My wife and I have custody of our six-year-old grandson, Vernon, and have for most of his young life. He is a good kid but has some abandonment issues along with anger and ADHD. We were introduced to “Harmony Hope Stables” through the “Tykes and Teens” program. Vernon found out that he loves working with the horses and he loves music, so it was a perfect fit! He has been learning how to care for the horses and how to be calm and gentle around them. We have seen changes in the way Vernon handles our animals at home. For the most part, Vernon has carried that calmness and gentleness over to his everyday living. We are so thankful that there was a grant/sponsorship available for Vernon to be able to utilize for such a wonderful program!  Stable Moments is an awesome program for kids with needs… What we really like is the one-on-one time Vernon gets with Ms. Kristi!  

Thank you so much, HH Stables!

Dan and Veronica Giesey

Our youth at Hibiscus Children’s Center have benefited immensely from participating in the Harmony Hope Stables Program. Kristi, her program staff, and the horses have made an emotional connection with our kids and it’s such a beautiful sight to see. Her program allows traumatized children to open up and express themselves while being in safe, peaceful, and serine setting with the horses and music too. Our partnership with Kristi has been a game changer for our kids and staff who attend her program, since it offers a nontraditional therapeutic approach with successful outcomes. 

Caroline Vineyard

COO of Hibiscus Children's Center

Harmony Hope Stables has been a BLESSING to our family. Our son, Bryce, is seven years old and has autism. Last year he began Equine and Music therapy at HHS. The results were immediate. His fear of musical instruments quickly faded and he became interested in not only listening to music, but playing guitar! Now he looks forward to any musical interaction with friends. The other hurdle we overcame was his fear of horses. The combination of music therapy and interaction with the horses allowed Bryce to overcome his fear gradually. He would play music for the horses at first. Then, Ms. Kristi helped Bryce realize that horses were friendly and safe. After that he began brushing them. Now, here we are a year later and he is actually RIDING a horse! It is nothing short of a miracle. We have nothing but praise for HHS as they continue to serve the special needs community in Palm City and surrounding areas. It is a much needed and desired service here in South Florida! 

Chris Colter