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Fulfilling her life purpose, Kristi founded Music 4 Miracles in 2009. Now building Harmony Hope Stables to follow her passion and continue to serve children in need.

Kristi's Bio

As the founder and president of Harmony Hope Stables, Kristi Huddleston’s passion for her work with children in need and the children/youth she serves stems from personal experience with childhood trauma. Kristi herself grew up in a violent home with an alcoholic father; she gives credit to a great therapist, music, horses, and Jesus for helping in her personal healing process. Although it’s taken a lifetime to recover from the aftermath of her abusive past, Kristi understands the suffering she endured as a victim would prepare her for today. She now stands strong as a survivor and has never been more certain that her entire life’s purpose is to serve others in need.

Kristi conceived of the ranch – now known as Harmony Hope Stables – as a place of harmony, hope, and healing for children with autism, ADHD, victims of abuse, and children who suffer from disorders such as PTSD, depression and anxiety. As a licensed PATH [Professional Association of Therapeutic Horses] practitioner, and as a musician/songwriter, Kristi believed blending music and equine programming would be a powerful combination; this was the rationale for developing the Harmony and Horses program that is currently offered at the ranch. In addition, she was inspired to pen the lyrics to an upbeat tune, My Happy Place, which now serves as a theme song for Harmony Hope Stables and can be found on our website, along with her song 20/20 Vision.

Prior to developing Harmony Hope Stables in Martin County, FL, Kristi’s 501 (c) 3 charitable organization operated as Music 4 Miracles (M4M) in Broward County, FL; as such, she organized and hosted four benefit concerts to raise awareness and funding for children with cancer. She developed Harmony Hope, a music education program where children received private music lessons in the comfort of their home, giving them a positive focus while they battled cancer. M4M created ‘rock star’ days where volunteers donated their musical talents at Joe DiMaggio Hospital to lift the spirits of children. Kristi partnered with other local child cancer organizations to help children in their programs and she even developed Team M4M to run for Kendra’s Kisses annual 5k in support of child cancer in which her team earned medals two years in a row.

North Broward Preparatory School (NBPS) presented Music 4 Miracles their “Charity of Choice” award for the 2011-2012 school year. Kristi collaborated with their music department throughout the year on several fundraising projects; NBPS students performed at M4M’s annual concert and donated needed musical instruments. She gained media coverage with the Sun-Sentinel for her efforts with NBPS as well as several other media outlets including a 6-minute segment which aired on a WLRN show titled “Miami’s Art Street”.

After battling infertility for 7 years, Kristi gave birth to twins – a girl and a boy – in 2006. She knew instilling music into her own children’s lives could make an incredible impact for them, something they would carry with them forever. She understands that music is educational and offers multiple healing benefits. The twins began playing piano at age 6. During their elementary school years, Kristi served as the Vice President of the PTA at Hollywood Central Elementary and spearheaded development of a 32-station Yamaha keyboard lab where students to this day have the opportunity to learn piano.

Kristi is constantly fueled by such a passion and love for children that even during these challenging times of the pandemic she is self-motivated and determined. She has faith and trusts the Lord will guide her to the resources needed to help complete the vision where Harmony Hope Stables will be a beacon of light and place of hope and healing for so many children in need in Martin County.



Proudly serving the board and has been a
solid dependable member since 2018.

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Susan’s son has been enrolled in the Harmony and Horses program for over 2 years. Seeing the positive impact music and horses have made in Anthony’s life gave her the passion to join our board and has been serving since 2019.

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Board Member

Dedicated to the mission and serving the board since 2009.

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Board Member

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Rochelle Popp-Finch is the Director of Student Development & College Ombudsman/Student Advocate at IRSC and current President of the IRSC Chapter of the Association of Florida Colleges. She oversees student life at IRSC, including the development of student leaders through her roles as Student Government Advisor and developer/facilitator of the Emerging and Legacy Leaders programs. She earned her Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees in Legal Assisting from Indian River State College (IRSC). She earned her B.A. in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and her Master of Public Administration from the University of Central Florida. Rochelle has been serving the students of IRSC since 2011. During her tenure at IRSC, she implemented RiverLife, an online student life portal that connects learning to student engagement. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at IRSC since 2007 teaching various business courses and student success. She also served on the Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA) State Executive Board from 2012–18. Through her work with FCSSGA, she helped ensure that nearly 800,000 college students’ voices were heard regarding legislation that directly impacted our Florida Colleges. Rochelle is also committed to serving the community. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Inner Truth Project helping to provide education and resources to survivors of sexual trauma, and she serves on the St. Lucie County, United Way Board for their Annual School Supplies for Students Campaign. In addition, she serves on the VanDuzer Foundation Board helping St. Lucie County families in need. She has a passion for making a difference in students’ lives!