Horse Care Costs

Maintaining the health and well-being of our horse therapy team is a very time-consuming responsibility and extremely expensive. Countless hours every week are spent grooming, bathing, training, exercising, feeding our horses and scheduling farrier/ veterinarian services.  The additional work that goes into maintaining the pastures, stalls, and paddocks can be overwhelming at times. Although we have a strong volunteer team it’s become too much, and we recently had to hire a part-time horse care/ barn assistant to be able to continue to provide the best care for our fabulous horse partners.
These additional expenditures on top of the already existing long list of costs involved in the annual care for three therapy horses is a struggle especially during these times when fundraising has become even more difficult.
Below is a sample of a portion of the costs involved for horse care. The list goes on from here and this does not include any costs that go into maintaining the land, utilities, and so on.
Please consider making a donation to help our charitable organization offset the items or sponsor one of our therapy horses on a monthly basis and spend time with your assigned horse at Harmony Hope Stables.
Some of the Annual Horse Care Costs:
  • Hay – $3,000
  • Supplements – $650
  • Grain – $700
  • Grooming products – $300
  • Fly Control – $500
  • Farrier Services – $850
  • Veterinarian Services – $1,800
  • Equine Equipment  – $800
  • Stall Shavings – $360

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